One of the spaces in your home you can treat yourself a bit and go for exactly what you want and not only what’s needed.

Renovating your bathroom is not only about spoiling yourself by adding some functional luxury.  It’s an investment that if it’s done right will be a selling point, if you ever decide to sell. But till that day, it’s all yours to enjoy. In our years of renovating bathrooms and creating liveable loveable spaces we at GRUBUILD believe that these 7 points will make any bathroom renovation successful.

  1. Budget…..

7 Things to consider before starting your renovation!

Renovations have a lot of moving parts with even more surprises and unfortunately things can turn into a nightmare very quick. The last thing you want is to deal with more surprises then you have to. In Grubuild’s more than 14 years of renovating residential and commercial properties we have found that these 7 points, if taken care before the project starts, will free up quite a bit of time. Go through the list, use it and with a little bit of planning beforehand you can still pull of that dream renovation…


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